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You are here because you have a physical problem that has not been solved. It is interfering with your quality of life preventing you from fully being your best most authentic self. It might cause you to gain weight, be less active and prevent you from playing with your kids, grandkids, golf, pickle ball, dance, walk, travel and sit or stand as long as you want. It may cause some level of depression. It can affect your relationships. You might be expressing frustration with your physical problem to whomever will listen and find they avoid you because they do not want to hear about it anymore. You may be unsure where to start or you have been seen by someone and you are not happy with the results.

What can’t you do and how important is it to you?

How does that make you feel? Do you want to continue to feel this way for a longer period of time?

Who else does it affect? Do you want that to continue? What is the worst case scenario if it does?

Close your eyes and imagine what you will be like in a week, month, six months, a year, five years or longer if you do not achieve a solution? More down time, depression, and feelings of inadequacy? Weight gain, increased risk or fear of falling, isolation, loss of physical intimacy, separation or divorce? Dependence on opiates? Engagement of unnecessary injections, nerve blocks or surgery?

Now visualize being physically capable of achieving the things you want to do. You no longer have to hesitate doing things that would have given you pain before. You are fully participating in your roles as a mate, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, dog walker, at work and as a volunteer. 

If you do not act now, based on the history of this problem, will you really ever? Is it likely that you “will do it tomorrow”?

Why You Are Here: My Practice
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