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Primal Reflex Release Treatment (PRRT) is a nontraditional manual therapy approach that “resets” a
blocked nervous system reflexes that can perpetuate pain and movement dysfunction. PRRT initiates a
nervous system “reboot” similar to rebooting a computer. It typically accelerates positive results with no
discomfort usually requiring no more than three treatments in a month; some in one session. I was
initially skeptical, but became a Level V PRRT practitioner (the only one in Arizona) after seeing the
results. It produces significant improvement about 80% of the time and can use it as a stand alone
treatment or in concert with other approaches. All of my PRRT courses were instructed by John Iaams,
PT, who invented it and continues to refine it for over 30 years. More information can be found by
clicking here:

Primal Reflex Release Treatment (PRRT): My Practice
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